E. A. Séguy, Pochoir print Tulips, 1902.

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Wallpaper, 1968. UK. Via Cooper Hewitt


Corinthian Capital, 1798. Drawing. Italy. Via Cooper Hewitt.


Cat dad is watching the football game in the distance while pretending to pay attention to the kittens.

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It's the cream of the fight: monetizeyourcat: What’s the difference between Modernism and... ›


What’s the difference between Modernism and Postmodernism? Heh. Well, imagine an iron man, powerful and muscular and naked, all angles. His face is cold and indifferent and awful, like a gothic cathedral, and there’s a dull flame in his unmoving glass eyes. You open your…


William Morris, design Rose, 1883. England. This is one of only three printed textile patterns in which Morris depicted birds. Via V&A.


Emperor Huizong of Song - Auspicious Cranes. 1112

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why wasnt marmaduke put down? look at the speed lines as he rips around the house in search of blood? marmaduke is a long and elaborate comic about why  great danes should be illegal. marmaduke is going to kill this old man after knocking over his trash filled with alcohol and empty pill bottles. he hates this old pathietc man and will eat him and with his incredible speed nobody can stop him. brad anderson hates great danes and wishes marmaduke was dead and so do i

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Brucciani & Co, Fig Leaf for David, 1857. Cast. England.

This fig-leaf was hung on the statue of David on the occasion of visits by royal ladies. It was last used in the time of Queen Mary (1867-1953). On her first encounter Queen Victoria was so shocked by his nudity that a firm suggestion was made that something has to be done. Consequently, the correctly proportioned fig leaf was created and stored in readiness for any visit the Queen might make, for which occasions it was hung on the figure from two strategically implanted hooks. More: V&A


TED talk about how rage comics represent a new language created around visual symbols in a harkening back to egyptian hieroglyphics because todays teens are fed up with letters

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